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Whiskey & Oyster Pairing

Join us for a fun night of whiskey and oysters. There will be 3 rounds of pairings with 2 oysters each. Each round will include an undressed oyster to taste with a drop of whiskey and a dressed oyster to taste with a small pour.

Round 1:
Steelman's Bay Oysters dressed with salmon roe & classic mignonette | Dalmore 12

Sunflower Island Oysters dressed with Hank's Hot Sauce mignonette, crispy bacon | High West Double Rye Tequila Cask Finish

Brigantine Standard baked with pine, bread crumbs & butter finished with fresh lemon, Maldon salt & ionized Laphroaig Triple Wood | Laphroaig 10

Oysters provided by Brigantine Oyster Company

RSVP by calling: (609) 348-6400.